Evaz School of Health is affiliated with Larestan School of Medical Sciences and Health Services and its establishment was suggested in December 2009 by the trustees of Evaz to Dr. Marzieh Vahid Dastjerdi, Minister of Health and Medical Education, and Dr. Imaniyeh, Chancellor of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences that was accepted and the school was established. The principal agreement was issued by the Ministry of Education in July 2010. On May 11, 2012, Dr. Hatami, Head of the School of Health, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, visited the existing facilities on behalf of the board, to confirm the readiness of Evaz School of Health. Then, a permit was issued for the admission of students in bachelor’s program in Public Health at the School. This school started its educational activities with twenty-five undergraduate students in public health at two full-time educational and administrative buildings with full facilities on October 2012. The permits for admission of students in associate’s program in Disease Control (15 students) and Family Health (20 students) were issued in 2015. The permit for bachelor's degree in Occupational Health was obtained in 2017 (15 students), and for bachelor's degree in Nutrition was obtained in 2018 (23 students). Moreover, bachelor’s program in Environmental Health is going to be established thanks to great efforts by the benefactors and the board.

 Currently, 150 students are studying at the school in five majors of Public Health, Occupational Health, Nutrition, Disease Control and Family Health.

Graduated students of this school are 88 students (3 periods of matriculation in Public Health program and 1 period of matriculation in Disease Control, and 1 period of matriculation in Family Health).

School facilities:

 Three Dormitories: The first dormitory (Hazrat Fatemeh (PBUH) dormitory for girls) belongs to the School of Health and is a 600-square-meter, two-story dormitory constructed by benefactors with an approximate capacity of 90 students. The second dormitory has been leased for the School of Health. The third dormitory is Khatam al-Anbia Dormitory for boys supervised by the board of trustees.

The site of the school is a plot of land of about 10.5 hectares located at the entrance to the city of Evaz near Payame Noor University of Evaz. The first phase of its construction was completed in 3700 meters and opened in January 2016. The new building has good facilities such as a prayer room, 8 laboratories, 12 classrooms, library, study hall, Internet saloon, Razi conference hall, Hafez conference hall, office section, student Research Committee, cooling and heating system, a dormitory and more.

Student-Cultural Units:

1. Office of the Supreme Leader’s Representative

2. Student mobilization (Basij)

3. Students' union

4. Student-Cultural associations (Red Crescent, Quran and Etrat, Revolutionary-Religions, Health, and Poetry and Literature).

The aforementioned associations have a variety of programs throughout the academic year, including celebrations, lectures, Qur'anic meetings on various holy occasions, Imams’ birthdays, graduation ceremonies; scientific, cultural, pilgrimage and tourism camps; mourning events; Islamic, cultural, and scientific competitions; establishing a Health Station, book fair, chastity and hijab events, visits to ancient monuments such as Evaz Museum of Anthropology, Qaisariya Market, and the Zoo.