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Public health is a branch of health sciences the graduates of which work to protect, enhance and maintain the health of the community. Graduates of this major must be equipped with some knowledge, skills and beliefs to maintain, develop and promote health.


The mission of continuous undergraduate program in Public Health is the education and training of professionals who are familiar with related concepts, bases and methods of preservation and promotion of health for the community – both the families and the individuals.


The students will consolidate their position in the health sector and training based on global standards and will meet the requirements for recruitment in the labor market to meet the needs of the community.

Continuing Education

This major is taught in 8 semesters and there is the possibility of continuing education up to the Ph.D. level.

Objectives of the program

Education and training of professionals who:

1. are familiar with knowledge and practice in line with the needs of the community, families and individuals and are familiar with the evaluation and measurement of risk factors and interventions and changes in the level of health of the community, families and individuals;

2. recognize the influence of human, environmental, economic and social factors on how to supply, maintain and promote health at all levels; and

3- know how to intervene through needs assessment, health education, epidemic control, nutrition and change in health indicators in the community.

The role of graduates:

Public Health graduates will fulfill the following roles in their future career in the community:

Educational role: Teaching covered people regarding their health.

Research Role: Helping applied research in the healthcare sector.

Care role: Providing care based on programs approved by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education at the community level, such as care for growth and development of children, care for pregnant mothers, etc. given the three levels of prevention.

Conditions and admission process

Students are admitted to the program through national university entrance examination. There is no similar study program elsewhere in the country, but the program may share some courses with environmental health, occupational health, and epidemiology.

Program duration and form of the educational system:

This major is taught during 8 semesters based on the educational by-law for associate, and continuous and non-continuous undergraduate degrees approved by the Supreme Council for the Planning of Medical Sciences Curriculums.

The total number of credits in accordance with the Ministry of Health's curriculum is as follows.

  • General courses: 22 credits

  • Basic and main courses: 32 credits

  • Specialized compulsory courses: 60 credits

  • Training in the field: 16 credits

  • Total: 130 credits.

Basic Information:

Program Type:

Degree Based

Level Of study:


School / Faculty:

Evaz Health School



Major (Name Of Program):

public health

Special Website / Webpage:

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This program contact information:







Email Address:

Internationalaffairs@ larums.ac.ir


Evaz School of Health-Evaz-Larestan-Fars-Iran

Contact Person Name:

Dr. Seyyed Ali Hosseini

Program Detail:

Length of Training:

4 years

Language Requirement:

Undergraduate students should be able to speak Farsi and English

Admission Requirement:

  • A satisfactory academic record: Applicants must obtain a record of transcripts from the institution they have attended. There is no minimum required GPA to secure admission to an undergraduate program. However, competitive applicants have the GPA of 3.00 or above.

  • A secondary school diploma or the equivalent certificate

  • Curriculum vitae: This includes your personal information as well as your educational background and work experience.

  • Cover Letter: This letter demonstrates which program you are deciding to apply for.

  • Scanned copy of the main page of your passport in high quality in any graphic format (PDF, JPEG, PNG)

  • Passport photo