The packages for reform plan in educational system

Foresight and scientific authority in medical education


  • Designing a system for observing the movement towards scientific authority in medical science education

  • Development of a Foresight Document and a road map for the realization of authority in medical science education in the horizons

  • Design and establishment of an innovation system in medical education

  • Establishment of the National Center for Strategic Research in Medical Education

Movement towards third-generation universities


  • Review and revision of the structure and performance of medical sciences universities in the transition to third-generation universities

  • Entrepreneurship and creation of knowledge-based wealth in medical sciences universities in the form of an Innovation System (national-regional);

  • Development of a system for calculating the costs of training human resources at different levels of higher education in health alongside provision of support for related research;

  • Designing and deploying sustainable, justice-oriented, and non-budget health education systems based on cost effectiveness studies, return on investment, and increased productivity.

Accountable and Justice-Oriented Learning


  • Designing and deploying a system for identifying and evaluating educational needs based on community needs (burden of diseases and risk factors), prevention technologies, diagnosis, and treatment in the area of health (health interventions) and cutting-edge knowledge on health issues in the country

  • Revising and developing curricula in order to meet the needs of the community; providing technologies based on major and program types (diagnostic and therapeutic) and cutting-edge knowledge (scientific authority)

  • Designing a suitable prompting and incentive system for policymakers, stakeholders, professors, students, and service providers to better meet the real needs of the community and pay attention to social determinants of health (SDH)

  • Designing and establishing a Human Resources Planning and Management System for Medical Sciences

Strategic, targeted, and mission-oriented development of health education programs


  • Revising and promoting strategic and mission-oriented medical education programs

  • Developing medical sciences programs and majors based on higher-level documents

  • Identifying multi-sectoral capacity to develop interdisciplinary programs

  • Designing and deploying intermediate forces training system

Spatial planning, mission-orientation, decentralization, and capacity enhancement in universities


  • Mission-oriented spatial planning

  • Extending higher education environments in the country

  • Designing and implementing models for entrusting medical education to the private sector

  • Implementing an accreditation system for educational centers, continuing education programs, and skills and professional training in the Health System

Promoting Professional Ethics


  • Designing and implementing a local value-based curriculum model

  • Designing and establishing systems for monitoring, needs assessment, pathology, and promotion of the values ​​and professional ethics of medicine in the higher education system

  • Developing and implementing a comprehensive hidden curriculum management plan for institutionalizing values ​​and professional ethics in medical higher education institutions

  • Promoting and developing professional ethics infrastructure at medical higher education institutions

Internationalization of medical education


  • Preparing the grounds for implementing the international deployment map for medical education in the country

  • Designing a Road Map and implementing a network of academic exchanges and joint programs with reputable universities in the world

  • Designing and organizing the country's medical education portal (EducationIran) in order to introduce the capacity of domestic medical higher education to the world

  • International accreditation of universities and medical education institutions of the country

Development of virtual education in medical sciences


  • Designing, commissioning, and deploying the virtual university of medical sciences

  • Designing process standards for virtual medical education and accreditation of related programs

  • Providing the necessary physical, informational and human resources infrastructure for the development of virtual education

  • Enhancing the capacity of common curricula and programs for providing and evaluating part of those curricula and programs in a virtual form with emphasis on graduate degrees.

Promotion of medical sciences assessment and testing system


  • Promoting examinations in medical programs using international experience

  • Upgrading the medical education measurement center to improve the admission, measurement and evaluation process

  • Improving the admission system of medical students with emphasis on graduate degrees

  • Designing and implementing the final evaluation system and professional accreditation for graduate students of medical sciences in order to improve the quality of medical education

Accreditation of educational institutions and hospitals


  • Design and implementation of Institutional Accreditation Program at medical universities and schools

  • Design and implementation of the accreditation program for medical education centers (educational services centers)

  • Accreditation of educational programs at the universities of medical sciences in the country

  • Standardization of medical education processes

Development and improvement of medical education infrastructure


  • Establishment of excellence in medical sciences fields of study, especially modern and interdisciplinary ones, in post-sanction conditions.

  • Survival Road Map for strengthening equipment infrastructure in departments responsible for student education and training at Master and Ph.D. levels.

  • Design and implementation of an integrated information system of medical education in the country

  • Strengthening the equipment infrastructure of educational hospitals and healthcare services centers involved in education

The program for monitoring development packages


  • Design and implementation of a comprehensive and integrated model and a system for evaluating and monitoring the activities of universities in line with the twelve program policies

  • Design and implementation of educational ranking for universities (Rad 2)