Larestan Healthcare Network was founded in 1327.

Hazrat e Zeinab School of Nursing was established in Larestan in 1366. In1388, this school was promoted to Larestan school of Medical Sciences. Based

on approved bill of Medical Universities expanding council in 1392, this school was renamed into Larestan school of Medical Sciences and Health Services.

This school includes Nursing and Health schools. Larestan school of Medical Sciences is supposed to be transferred to new building named pardis. This

new building is 60 hectare and is going to have office Building, educational buildings and welfare centers.

Pardis site:

This site is 60 hectares and includes:

1. Office buildings: 15500 hectares

2. Educational buildings:

a.Amphitheater, library and informatics center: 5400 square meters

b.Health technology incubation center

3.Leisure complexes includes :

a.Boys’ dormitory

b.Girls’ dormitory

c. Cultural and leisure complex

d.Teachers hostel

e.Teachers and married students dormitory

f. indoor pool- indoor gym and football land