Vice-Chancellery of Educational, Research,Cultural and Student Affairs
DR.Maryam Abdollahi , Pediatric Rheumatologist   





Description of the Duties and Responsibilities of Vice-chancellery for Education

The main direction of this sector is guiding the educational activities of the university toward responding the social demands and training skilled workforce for health enhancement


1. Conducting all of the educational affairs of the university

2. Studying and decision making regarding educational affairs with the aid of respective authorities

3. Supervision over the good performance of duties by dependent units

4. Configuration of the subject for the meetings of the university’s education council

5. Planning the educational affairs with the cooperation of respective units

6. Supervision over the good performance of educational programs and activities by each faculty, their evaluation and reporting to the management committee

7. Investigating and decision making regarding to students’ issues

8. Supervision over and execution of the policies ratified regarding students’ affairs

9. Supervision over student and cultural services and extracurricular activities

10. Planning and adopting suitable policies for expanding the research activities of the faculty in accordance with the research priorities of the university

11. Correction and moderation of the faculty’s research regulations

12. Evaluation of the faculty members’ research activities and configuration of annual report

13. Holding the faculty’s research council meetings

14. Assessment and evaluation of promoting the faculty members

Subsets of the Education, Research, Cultural and Student vice chancellory

- Researches

- Cultural and student affairs

- Medical Education Research and Development Center

- Continues education

- Faculty affairs

- Educational affairs