ViceChancellor of Management and Resources Development  Dr. Ramin Eghtedari

Description of the Duties and Responsibilities of the Vice-chancellery of Management and Resources Development

The Vice chancellor of Management and Resources Development uses the most functional and up-to-date sciences and the management of the existing capitals for the actualization and enhancement of social and national health in accordance with the principle of social justice and sustainable development.

1. Determining the policies and directions of the university regarding the movement and planning of human, financial, physical and information assets
2. procurement of the human, financial, physical and information forces needed by the university
3. supervision over the good performance of official, financial and employment regulations by all subject units
4. provision and communication of the regulations regarding personnel, official, financial and public affairs; book keeping, cost management and the maintenance of assets and supervising their utilization
5. supervising the performance of the fiscal facilities including current assets, civil and private
6. supervision over the regulation and of accounting affairs and tending to the financial bills, documents and reports
7. coordinating the official and financial units of the committee and university sector
8. investigation, verification and proposition of correction plans for the development of the organization, management according to the axis of management system, structure and constitution, systems and procedures, classification of professions and the education of management-official knowledges.
9. Regulation of the policies and directions for budget assignment based on the policies and programs ratified by the ministry and university
10. Regulation and proposition of budget for subject units of the university
11. Procurement and presentation of the most suitable architectural and civil plans for the education, health and treatment units according to scientific principles, facilities, geographical, cultural and climatic conditions.
12. Investigating the construction, equipment and installments needs for the provision, maintenance, renovation and expansion of the health, treatment, education and research centers.
13. Supervision over the provision, regulation and execution of civil plans
14. Adopting the necessary policies for the provision of employee’s welfare
15. Communication of the regulations, rules, ratifications, guidelines and constitution laws related to the subject units
16. Procurement and regulation of the plans and proposals related to the vice presidency sector
Sub-Units of the Vice Presidency of Management and Resources Development

The following management tasks:
- Financial
- Physical assets
- Renovation and development of human resources, reformation