Vice-Chancellor of Treatment    Dr. Mohammad Azadegan Pediatrician
Description of the Duties of the Vice-chancellor for Treatment
The Vice chancellor of Treatment follows the objectives below for the purpose of managing treatment services in areas covered by the enhancement of service qualities using standard patterns of quality enhancement standards, uniformity of policy adaptation, planning, evaluation, supervision and allocation of public assets and reduction of the people’s share of health expenses.

1. Supervision over the good performance of regulations and instructions issued by the governing ministry in the subject treatment centers
2. Dealing with the issues and problems in the area and suitable solutions for their rectification and conveying the status to the governing ministry
3. Coordination and compliance with other vice presidency domains
4. Attempting for raising the executive quality of the health system reformation plan
5. Planning for the development of health centers subject to the university in accordance with the leveling system for the nation’s treatment services
6. Supervision over the affairs of the subject treatment centers including hospitals, rehabilitation centers, state treatment centers and charities and analyzing their activities
7. Planning for increasing the efficiency of the subject institutions and treatment centers and solutions for increasing their income and decreasing their expenses.
8. Supervision over the good performance of human resources supply and distribution, in addition to the equipment needed by subject treatment centers based on the leveling system for treatment services.
9. Investigation and estimation of the expert workforce needed and taking measures for attracting medics and paramedics
10. Planning for the access of all special patients (diabetes, hemophilia, thalassemia and transplant recipients) to the necessary medicinal services and increasing the information, education and welfare of the patients.
11. Supervision over the service provision conditions of emergency centers at the shortest time and with minimal damages.
12. Supervision over the procurement and distribution condition of medical equipment in the treatment centers covered by the faculty
13. Supervision and evaluation of laboratories and the enhancement of laboratory services
14. Supervision over the coordination and establishment of meetings between insurance providers and the vice presidency of treatment in relation to treatment centers.
15. Regular supervision and evaluation of all treatment centers at frequent intervals through subject departments; and regular supervision and control over the quality of treatment-diagnosis services in hospitals, clinics and private centers, specialized centers, hospital emergency services, nurseries, midwifery, laboratories, radiology centers and other places.
The Vice Presidency of Treatment at Larestan School of Medical Sciences and Health Services consist of the following departments:
1. The department of treatment supervision, hospital budget allocation and permission granting to treatment centers
2. The department of hospital affairs and the elevation of clinical services
3. The department of the economics of treatment, standards and technologies of health
4. The center for the management of medical emergencies and incidents