Vice Chancellor of Health  Dr.Mohammad Fozooni General Practitioner

Description of the Duties and Responsibilities of the Health Vice-chancellory
The Health Vice Chancellor will tend to the affairs of planning, directing, supervising, organizing and evaluation of programs at the town’s health centers (with the cooperation of other university vice presidency authorities); in accordance with the duties designated by the health system (managed by the Health Vice President) through 9 committee units.
  1. The qualitative and quantitative rural health services enhancement program for towns with a population below 20,000 and the nomads; in the form of rural family medic.
  2. Provision and enhancement program for primary capacities of health in the form of the expansion and reinforcement of health network in urban marginalized areas.
  3. The program for enhancing the primary capacities of health in the form of expanding and reinforcing health network for urban areas with a population below 50,000 and extending the program to other cities.
  4. Completion, expansion and correction of the family medic program and the reference system in the urban areas of Fars and Mazandaran states.
  5. Enhancement of the community’s health knowledge through the national program of self-care and the empowerment of people
  6. Inter-sectoral cooperation reinforcement and instilment
  7. Public health program (healthy water, food and diet; clean air)
  8. Oral-dental health reformation program
  9. The national program for prevention and control of non-contagious diseases and risk factors
  10. Population, health enhancement and birth giving program
  11. The program for correction and improvement of the community’s nutrition pattern
  12. The program for the enhancement of mental and social health
Sub-Units of the Vice Presidency
- The populace and family health unit
- Environment health unit
- Schools’ health
- Occupational health
- Nutrition
- Health education
- In-service education
- Oral-dental health
- Laboratory
- Management and risk reduction of disasters
- Contagious diseases
- Non-contagious diseases
- Health-serving training center