Message from the University Chancellor

Larestan University of Medical Sciences & Health Services

Message from the head of the university

Undoubtedly, universities, scientists, and researchers play a crucial and decisive role in the growth, greatness, and pride of our beloved country Iran in the cultural, scientific, technological, and innovative fields at the national and global levels. This faculty was established in 2010 and since then has gained an increasing share in the education and promotion of science, research, and development of knowledge boundaries as well as production of technology on a global scale as a leading faculty in the county level.

In fact, the faculty recognizes manpower as its core capital and, using the new scientific achievements, provides educational, research, and technology services as well as advice to the scientific community and cultural and social domains at national and regional levels. We are trying to excel in meeting the needs of the scientific community, in particular training faculty members and committed researchers in the country through balanced enjoying of the capacities, collective wisdom, regularity, and transparency in a calm, intimate, and hopeful environment. The academic community always strives to advance science and knowledge and maintains its true and influential presence in society. I wish success and prosperity from Allah to all the scholars.

Selected Researcher of the Year

His choice as a researcher of the year due to his valuable research

Earn professorship

Due to the collection of educational, research and executive activities in the year 89

Top Judge

To the choice of the German Experts Association's Journal in 2015 and 2016

Razi Festival Selection

Due to the publication of numerous and valuable research papers in the year 84

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Internal number 144

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Faculty Dean Job Description

  • Promoting and supervising proper implementation of the approvals of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution, in particular the faculty’s statute, the 20-year Vision Plan, the school’s strategic plan, and the decisions of the Board of Trustees.
  • Supervising and management of educational and research activities of the faculty within the framework of laws and regulations.
  • Coordination between various activities of the faculty and appointment and dismissal of the faculty staff within the framework of rules and regulations.
  • Proposal of the faculty organization to the Board of Trustees, the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, and the Management and Planning Organization.
  • Addressing correspondence and referrals and presence at legal organizations and meetings of the School Council and other assemblies.
  • Supervising the Board of Directors with a central role on proper execution of the decisions of the Board of Directors and monitoring implementation of decisions made by the Board of Directors.