University History in the Country

In the great and glorious history of civilization and culture of Iran, numerous centers existed for knowledge, education, and research in a variety of sciences. Prominent scientific centers, such as the Nisibis School and the Jundishapur University in Khuzestan province, which was founded in AD 150 on the command of Khosrow Anushirvan and was active until the Abbasids, is a reason for this claim. Also, Islamic scholars such as Avicenna, Zakaria Razi, Al-Biruni, ... are known worldwide for promoting the thinking and excellence of human society. From the Safavid era, the principles of science and education began to transfer from Europe, until establishment of the first new school in 1212 in Urmia.

The idea of ​​establishing a center for higher education, i.e. the university, in Iran was first realized by Amir Kabir through establishment of Dar ul-Funun in 1851 in the fields of engineering, pharmacy, medicine and surgery, artillery, infantry, cavalry, and mining. Although Dar ul-Funun did not develop, it was a great experience for those who wished to familiarize Iranians with the new knowledge and developments of Europeans in the industry, economics, politics, and so on.

Year 2010

Based on the order of Dr. Marzieh Vahid Dastjerdi, the former Minister of Health, the Larestan Hazrat Zainab Nursing Faculty upgraded to the Larestan Medical School in August 16 and Dr. Ali Alizadeh, head of the Larestan Healthcare Network, was appointed for establishment of the Faculty.

Year 2011

According to the follow-ups by the school’s officials, the Health School was approved to establish as the second faculty covered by this setting in the city of Oz in the second half of the Iranian year.

Year 2012

The efforts of authorities and the willingness of benefiters to launch the Oz Health School came to an end, and the first major of the faculty, i.e. the continuous bachelor of Public Health, was agreed.

Year 2013

One of the main infrastructures to improve the educational services and increase the required credit in the area of ​​hospital education was realized in 2013. Therefore, the authorities’ focus on this issue resulted in the issuance of the educational license for Larestan Imam Reza Hospital on 7/3/2013 as the mother and referral hospital in the region. At the same time, the financial independence of the faculty was approved on 7/4/2013. The third most important achievement of this setting in 2013 was the upgrading of the Larestan School of Medicine to the Larestan Faculty of Medical Sciences and Health Services on 7/16/2013, which was the result of long efforts of Dr. Faramarzi, the former dean of the faculty, and authorities.

Year 2014

Approval of the special logo of a faculty is one of the obvious manifestations of its independence. This issue was realized by the relevant Ministry on 11/9/2014 and the Larestan School of Medicine has been introduced with its special logo and header to national and provincial organizations, like all independent universities and faculties throughout the country.

Year 2015

The license for admission of public health associate degree students in the family health and disease control majors was issued in May 2015 and in oral and dental technician major in November 2015 for the Health and Nursing Schools of this setting. The best achievement of authorities for Larestan people and the Larestan Medical Sciences Setting was the issuance of a license for building of a large campus for the Larestan Medical School, which will include all headquarters, health, medical, and educational areas.

Year 2016

With the expansion of the Larestan Medical Sciences Setting and mastery in the management of affiliated units, the authorities of Khonj city suggested to join the Khonj Healthcare Network and Hospital to the Larestan Healthcare Setting and to entrust the relevant affairs to this faculty, which was approved by Dr. Imaniyeh, the former dean of the Shiraz University of Medical Sciences. Establishment of an air emergency to assist injured patients, especially pregnant women, in the impassable and remote mountainous area of Larestan and Khonj, was one of the great wishes of the people, which was brought about with the efforts of Dr. Raufi, the former dean of the faculty and Massoud Haji Rajabi, head of the Larestan Emergency Center, in March 2016, and air emergency was launched with the presence of the minister simultaneously with 4 centers in Iran through videoconference.