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Based on the Decree of the Council for the Development of Medical Sciences of the Countries of the country, the Larestan School of Medical Sciences was established in accordance with the resolution of March 18, 1992, the Council for the Development of Medical Sciences Universities of the country upgraded to Larestan Faculty of Medical Sciences and Health Services. The head of the faculty first with Dr. Ali Reza Yarahmadi and after a year of their work, they were transferred to Dr. Hossein Faramarzi. His work lasted about 3 years, Dr. Atefeh Raoufi served as the third chief of the group for 2 years and now Dr. Mohammad Hossein Karimi Mossad is the head of the faculty and continues to work, which is currently with Dr. Abbas Nasri's cooperation as deputy director for human resources and development, Dr. Majid Akbarzadeh, deputy director of medical sciences, Dr. Mohammad Reza Erfani and Dr. Hooshang Jaafarpour, Food and Drug Assistant, are serving the people of the region.


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